Fleckifarm boarding kennel

A loving shelter for your dog or cat


Dogs live at Fleckifarm in packs. All kennel guests are accepted into an existing group, and therefore no animals are kept alone.

The animals have a large plot of just under one hectare. There are many enclosures so that even within the pack, smaller groups can be established.

Animals can find retreats as well as some peace and quiet in the natural bushes in the park.

Always well looked after

If necessary, the veterinarian on-site takes medical care of your pet so that we can also accommodate dogs in need of care.

We prepare the food for the animals ourselves. We will of course meet the individual needs of your pets.

Fun and games in the pack

In the pack, the animals spend time with each other but are also kept engaged by the team. For example, there is a big race lap in the forest three times a day, where the dogs are challenged with different games, such as hiding due to food.

Lila Punkt - Fleckifarm
Gelber Punkt - Fleckifarm