Give man a dog for the health of his soul.

- Hildegard von Bingen -

Alles Wissen, die Gesamtheit aller Fragen und alle Antworten ist im Hund enthalten

- Franz Kafka -

Dass mir mein Hund das Liebste sei, sagst Du oh Mensch sei Sünde. Mein Hund ist mir im Sturme treu , der Mensch nicht mal im Winde.

- Franz von Assisi -

Kein einziges Tier der ganzen Erde ist der vollsten und ungeteiltesten Achtung, der Freundschaft und Liebe des Menschen würdiger als der Hund.

- Alfred Brehm -

A place for animals and humans

We take both long- and short-term care of animals who, due to the life circumstances of their owner, have been abandoned. However, people who are looking for the healing proximity of the animals are also welcome to visit us.

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As experienced animal keepers, we specialise in dogs and cats.

Initially started in 2013 as a boarding kennel, our commitment today goes far beyond this.

Our large park-like terrain offers space for humans and animals. We look forward to welcoming you! 


  • Dog kennel
  • Help for animals in need
  • Accommodation for guests
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Dog kennel

Your loved one can have a holiday with us

On 8,000 m², we offer a beautiful home with plenty of room for exercising and playing. Accommodation is found in permanent buildings. 

All kennel guests are integrated into an existing pack and are taken excellent care of. In addition to sufficient activities, your pet will also get the chance to enjoy cosy moments on a regular basis.

We cook from home! Veterinary care is possible.

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Animal protection

A home for dogs and cats

We provide a loving home for dogs and cats who are no longer looked after by anyone else. 

Sick animals are cared for with vetinary support; loners are rehabilitated.

If the animals are healthy, we put them into good hands. Feel free to get in touch with us.

We can make good use of help in the form of donations or practical support. We look forward to hearing from you!