Animal protection at Fleckifarm

We help dogs and cats in need

Life conditions change...

In today’s fast-paced time with the hustle and bustle and the pressure of perfection, there is little time left for private matters. If a partner leaves the family through separation, death or occupational change, it can be difficult to cope with everyday challenges.

For short- or long-term periods, we want to be there for animals who are disadvantaged.

Handing over your pet

We give dogs and cats, who can no longer be looked after, a loving home and only pass them on into good hands.

Many supporters agree with us

At Fleckifarm, we attach great importance to keeping the animals in accordance with their natural environment and to integrating them into the pack. We are able to achieve a great level of rehabiliation in combination with close contact with humans. This is continuously confirmed by the treating vets.


Für den Tierschutz investieren wir viel Zeit, Geduld und Arbeit. Dafür schlägt unser Herz. Damit wir das alles finanzieren können, sind wir auf Spenden angewiesen.